Orange County Senator Likely To Face A Recall Vote

by stephanieargyros on July 19, 2017

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A $52 billion gas tax has triggered a petition to recall Orange County’s state senator, Josh Newman (D-Fullerton). The California Republican Party announced in late June that it had submitted nearly 85,000 signatures on the petition, which came in response to Newman’s support for a new gas tax recently approved by the state Legislature.

The campaign needed to collect 65,593 signatures by mid-October to force a recall vote in Senate District 29. According to Jim Brulte, chairman of the California Republican Party, the speed with which the signatures were gathered is a sign of voters’ frustration with the gas tax.

However, Newman is questioning the validity of the recall effort and said that a recall vote will cost the district $3 million, money that would be better spent on education and public safety. Mike Roth, a spokesperson for the anti-recall campaign, said it was a “power grab” by special interests. Newman won his seat in the historically Republican district by fewer than 2,500 votes in November.

That statement comes alongside accusations that petitioners misled voters into believing the petition would repeal the gas tax. Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that would allow voters to withdraw their signature from a recall petition 30 days after it has been submitted, effectively adding months to the process.

The changes to the recall process will likely benefit Newman. Brulte called the changes an abuse of power, and said that Republicans intend to continue petitioning and submitting signatures. Even with the changes in the recall process, it is likely set to go to a vote in the June primary.

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